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Game News    
Welcome To LIMBO    
Hello Guild members and welcome to the LIMBO faction in PWI.

LIMBO is a friendly guild on PWI Harshlands server, and as a friendly guild we ask that u do not make enemies of other factions as this will effect all members (including the lower levels) in our guild. We understand that Harshlands is a PvP server and therefore we do not have a problem with PK, we do however have a problem with bullying, so please dont let it become that if u enjoy PK.

Help is always available and all u have to do is ask for it. If nobody is available right away please be patient. we all get busy from time to time.

It is requested that all members make themselves easily approachable by participating in guild chat. Anybody who speaks up only to ask for help may be turned down that help if it is seen as rude.

Those are the rules here, i hope u all enjoy being in our guild and if you have any problems or queries please message me.

Phoenixborn (Guild leader)
Guild News    

Guild Bank

Phoenixborn, Oct 18, 11 10:01 AM.
Having this website gives our guild the necessary tools to operate a guild bank. (dont be fooled, this isnt for money)

The guild bank will be for TT mats only. Each item will be allocated points dependant on its value. Members will then be able to earn points by adding items to the bank and spend points on items they need from it.

We are still in the early stages, but we hope to get the guild bank up and running A.S.A.P.

For any information regarding the guild bank please contact elvynn

To All Members

Phoenixborn, Oct 18, 11 9:30 AM.
All members of LIMBO who havent already done so, will be required to register on our website. Any problems with this please speak myself (Phoenixborn) or elvynn.

The deadline for registering will be the 30/11/11. Anybody who is found to be a member of LIMBO without registering with the website may be removed from the guild.

Guild Activities!

Phoenixborn, Oct 18, 11 9:25 AM.
We will be starting guild activities very soon, these will involve completely free sessions of FC, TT, Warsong and others. Some activities may require you to be of a certain level to participate but we will try to cater to all levels within our guild.

Stay tuned for more details.
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LIMBO accepts all levels and classes, we allow each commissioner to have one main and one alt in the guild. All members who have gained a status in the guild may be allowed more alts to join at the discretion of the guild marshals/director and leader.
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